A Chat About Little Play, March 4, 2020

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Content: Discussion about little play and age play. When discussing little play or age play, the discussion is about consenting adults engaging in safe, sane, and consensual play.

#fetchat date: March 4, 2020

#fetchat is a weekly Twitter chat for anyone interested in exploring the world of kinks and fetishes. The responses below were comments made by #fetchat followers. The answers are posted as they appeared in the chat. We’ve removed the identities of those responding out of respect for their privacy.

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What is little play?

Folks said:

” in BDSM context, one partner takes on the roll of a youngster while another plays an adult roll. It doesn’t have to involve sexuality. The adult may be the Dom role, and little the submissive, but that’s not required (Like, could be a brat with a soft Caregiver?).

“Little play is a form of age play where at least one consenting adult in a scene is role-playing an age between infancy and late childhood (maybe adolescence).”

Are their different types of littles? If so, what are they?

Folks said:

“I think there are a lot of different ways one could be a little, but I’m light on terminology. I think the little’s mentality of age would make a big difference, and so does the context of the little to those in the ageplay. So would any other kinks present.”

“Well, I think they are somewhat difference based on what age they are playing. From abdl at the youngest end up through schoolgirl (or boy) teens. And brats may be another category vs those seeking more nuturing play. #fetchat”

“yes! There are different types of littles. It depends on the age the little is role playing/regressing into. For me it depends on the day my little age ranges from 6-14. The older years are sometimes referred to as “middles”.”

“Perhaps all the littles are raising their hands waiting to be called on.”

Does the general age the little is role-playing change the dynamic & purpose of a scene?

Folks said:

“I think it depends greatly on how accurately one is roleplaying their age-range mentality in addition to the emotional/mental maturity of that age range. But yeah, it should affect and help define the stage of the roleplay.”

“I think it would, just like dynamics change in any scene based on the parameters. I would imagine in age play the type of caregiving involved in playing with someone who is role-playing a baby is different than someone role-playing a brat.”

“Yeah, and I think it requires everyone involved to be on the same page too. If they aren’t, it can easily ruin the scene. Like, imagine taking someone to a scary movie when they are roleplaying a toddler?”

“I would think so as a baby would probably mainly need or want to be cared for whereas a toddler or boy or girl could converse, explore, play games or with toys or stuffed animals while a teen may have different interests, rebel more, etc.”

“I’ve noticed my little side is a coping mechanism for my anxiety. The more anxious I am the younger my age is. It’s more than role playing for me. Also I feel my little side is not very sexual. We split that with me being Daddy’s kitten for that.”

What is the difference between scene-based little play and life-style little play?

Folks said:

“this is similar to the scene vs. lifestyle Dom/sub question. Scene based means the little roleplay ends outside of that scene. Lifestyle means it’s deeper and longer lasting, possibly being part of ones identy and personality. Neither is better than the other though”

“I think, in general, that the point that when it comes to scene play vs. lifestyle, neither is better than the other is one that we need to drive home in the kink community just in general. Working to meet other’s needs & your own in an SSC/PRICK/RACK way is what’s important.”

“I am a life-style little. It’s our dynamic 24/7, Daddy is Daddy no matter if there is play time or not. He makes sure he takes care of me in all ways. Food/sleep/water/meds/etc. “

“my understanding is that the difference between little play in a scene and lifestyle is very much like any BDSM dynamic. When it’s something lived 24/7 there are boundaries, rules, expectations, &. outcomes that surround day-to-day living.”

What are common misconceptions about little play?

Folks said:

“misconceptions are pretty much everywhere – that it’s creepy, done by creepy people, and should be used to demonize them in pop media (like, when was the last time you saw a little not being the victim/murderer? That being said, see anime/manga for mixed results).”

“I’m not really into ageplay however my understanding is that the most common misconception is that is all or only about sex. Similar to furry play, sometimes and perhaps often, it is not about sex at all.”

“100% agree. Sometimes people find it hard to believe that it might be more about the relationship, and not just sexuality.”

“That littles have “Daddy issues”. The only “Daddy issue” I have is when I don’t get enough attention! Face with tears of joy.”

“Misconceptions: that littles are abuse victims, that caregivers are pedophiles, that littles are ALWAYS the s in a D/s dynamic, that anyone involved in little play or age play is psychologically and emotionally damaged.”

What are some of the benefits of little play?

Folks Said:

” I think it is highly personal for what benefits one might get from little-play. It can intensify relationships, fullfil needs that are otherwise being unmet, and provide a pleasurable experience. Scene v. Lifestyle will also determine the benefits, too.”

“A chance to temporarily escape some of the responsibilities and perhaps cynical or ‘knows-too-much’ view of adults for a more carefree headspace; to be cared for and taken care of; &/or perhaps a chance to let loose by ‘bratting’.”

” I think that little play has the potential to be very healing for folks who have a rough time asking for nurturing. Assuming the role of someone significantly younger is a way to be free from the expectations of the “emotional” strength we put on ourselves & others.”

“yesss all of this and also I would like to add that sometimes it allows a safe space for PLAY that wasn’t there before. it doesn’t always come naturally to adults who weren’t encouraged to play during childhood.”

“for me the main benefit of little play or #littlespace is that I can let my true innermost self out in a safe place with no judgement from my Daddy. He is a great caregiver and I couldn’t ask for anyone better! “

What tips would you have for someone wanting to explore little play?

Folks said:

“as with any new endeavor, research it, talk about it, & decide if it’s for you. Don’t jump in the deep water right away, & consider how you would respond if others found out (that shouldn’t stop you, but I think its best to plan ahead if that might be an issue).”

“don’t jump off the deep end, your partner might not be as prepared for it as you are. Communication. Talk about everything. Even if you are embarrassed by it. Talk.”

“Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Research. Talk to folks who you trust. Be thoughtful about setting boundaries and talk thru what your needs are to ensure that you are getting what you need. Remember it’s not all about diapers and sex.”

“Also, assuming such an open & unguarded role with other people requires some intense trust. Get to know someone before you play with them if you’re going to open yourself up like that in a scene.But I feel that’s just a general BDSM rule.”

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