Virtual Power Play: Exploring Fantasy & Role Play, A #fetchat Guest Post by Louise Kane

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A #fetchat Guest Post by Erotica Author Louise Kane

I love virtual play. 

Don’t misunderstand, I also love having my girlfriend’s fingers shoved deep in my cunt while her teeth dig into my neck. But goddamn, there’s just something about physically being in different places and yet being so turned on by each other that you can’t help but use all the tech at your disposal to find a way to connect. 

I could wax poetic about all of the reasons virtual play is great: the connection and intimacy it fosters with a partner you don’t see often; the public-play options it provides; even the way it lets you look back, verbatim, on your most enjoyable scenes. 

My girlfriend and I play virtually a lot.

She lives with her wife and I’m a too-busy human, which means the bulk of our relationship happens inside our phones. They’re also a writer, so it has been a very fun, very hot, time getting to know each other these past eight months. Our play is always firmly placed within the bounds of reality: her telling me step-by-step how to get myself off, having me take videos of me spanking myself, and making me send audio files of myself coming. 

Like I said: Very, very hot. Then one day, we just sort of happened to start role-playing. This turn of events was especially surprising because although we’re both writers and although we’re both kinky, neither of us are people who’ve historically dabbled in role play.

But you have to understand: She’d sent me a selfie of herself doing a professional-development workshop over Zoom, and she looked unbearably hot. Like, in that way only a person you constantly want to fuck and also cuddle can look hot. So of course, I couldn’t help but all-caps swoon over their picture. You are a handsome academic. Let’s have an affair. Don’t worry about the fact that I’m your student. It’s fine.

A joke that isn’t a joke, right?

She and I call this type of text a soft bid. It’s an opening for my girlfriend to take if she’s in the mood to play that also removes the pressure for them to always initiate. On the flip side, it makes it easy for them to choose not to engage when they aren’t in the mood. 

We volleyed for a bit—half joking so that we could play it off if one us decided this was pushing too far. That is, until they sent this: Better watch yourself, little one. If you’re going to be bad, I might have to make an example of you. Have you come up to the front of the class and write on the board for me…and then everyone will be seeing up that dress, won’t they?

Well, then it was fucking on.

Together, we built this fantasy that we’d never specifically discussed, full of our favorite elements: me as a little slut who wanted to be good, group projects where I practiced sucking the other students’ cocks so that I could do a better job for professor, and them fucking me against their desk while I graded their papers. 

All of this, of course, culminated in an end-of-semester party in which I was the party favor, to be used by all the other students however they wished to celebrate the end of term. To be shown off as the perfect little toy my professor had turned me into by the end of class, just as eager for my cunt to be examined as I was to suck cock. 

In parentheticals, I’d asked to be allowed to come by then, which my girlfriend happily obliged. I recorded audio of myself orgasming with a vibrator on my clit and my fingers in my cunt. It was fucking delicious, and they seemed to appreciate the auditory token of my appreciation—especially when I followed up with screenshots of my favorite lines. 

That’s the hidden beauty of virtual play.

There’s something about not being able to see each other’s faces that lets you push further with certain types of play. My girlfriend and I wouldn’t have stumbled into roleplaying a student-professor fantasy during an in-person scene, but now that we know we’re both definitely into it? I wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually happens. 

So, go forth. Sext. Video chat. Send nudes. Enjoy the possibilities that technology gives you—all the better if you discover new kinks while you’re at it.

Louise Kane

A flash of skin in the sunshine.

Louise Kane is a queer and kinky erotica writer who lives by the motto: Write smut. Read smut. Live forever. She lives in Seattle, Washington, by way of Chicago, Illinois, with her feline companion, Marge. 

Her short story, Tracing the Edge, is included in the forthcoming anthology Coming Soon: Women’s Orgasm Erotica from Cleis Press. Look for it in June 2021. 

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