Beyond #fetchat, Virtual Power Exchange

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Content: Discussion of power exchange scenarios, safety, and aftercare and long-distance relationships.

#fetchat date: October 7, 2020

This week on Fetchat, we talked about virtual power exchange with erotica author Louise Kane (on Twitter @louise_kane_). Power exchange, distance, and technology have been swirling around together for decades. However, the coronavirus has made virtual power exchange even more necessary for folks in the BDSM community.

For this week’s Beyond #fetchat prompt, we want to hear your thoughts, feelings, and fantasies about virtual power exchange. Even if your link-up doesn’t follow the Beyond #fetchat topic, we want it just the same! Photos, essays, videos, interpretive dance (seriously, we’re not giving up on that), all of the gloriousness you house in those brilliant, beautiful heads of yours!

Beyond #fetchat

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