Thoughts on Flogging, A #Fetchat Guest Post by Quenby of Quenby Creatives

Content: Impact play. Flogging.

#Fetchat Guest Post by Quenby of Quenby Creatives

I fucking love flogging.

I love the feel of a flogger in my hand, the sound as it swishes through the air, the smack as fabric meets flesh. Most of all, I love the reactions floggers can pull out of my partners. And one of the beautiful things about floggers is the number of different things I can do with them.

Used one way, a flogger can create a delicate teasing tickle, falls dancing over the skin to give gentle sensation play. Or the steady, relaxing smack of rhythmic impacts can drop you into an endorphin laden trance. Swung another way, it can push you to your limit, the snap of the falls leave burning lines of stinging agony. Put your body weight behind it, and it smashes into buttocks, brutal force driving deep into the tissue, tenderising flesh as bruises are born waiting to burst forth in spectacular colour. You can do all this and more with just one toy; if you build a collection or start to dual wield floggers, the options multiply.

A flogger can evoke power, or fear, or gleeful anticipation. It can be a tool of discipline and punishment. It can be used for scenes of glorious sadomasochism, or it can be gentle and relaxing. More than any other toy, floggers feel like an extension of my own body, and it holds almost as many possibilities.

Quenby, of Quenby Creatives

Quenby is a queer performance artist, activist, and writer. Their work explores themes of kinky sexuality, genderfuckery, and queer history.

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